Bingley Grammar School

A Level Spanish

Course Specification

EDUQAS A Level Spanish

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

A strong Grade 5 in Spanish and English Language.

Costs Associated with this Course

We offer the purchase of Mary Glasgow language magazines for independent study at a cost of £9.00 for the year.  We highly recommend a good quality dictionary and grammar book of 500 Spanish verbs (approx £15.00).  There is also the option of a work experience placement abroad (approx cost £600-£800 depending on transport and accommodation choice).

Do you/are you…

MFL 01 web- Enthusiastic about learning a language with the aim of becoming more fluent.

- Interested in developing your cultural awareness and excited by the prospect of foreign travel in order to use your language in authentic situations.

- Prepared to work hard, be well-organised and able to function both cooperatively and independently.

What will I study?

You will be studying three main themes:

  • Social Issues and Trends – which includes Family and Relationships, Youth trends and issues, Education and Employment, Migration and Integration, Cultural Identity, Discrimination and Diversity.
  • Political, Intellectual and Artistic Culture – which includes Regional Culture and Heritage, Literature, Music, Art and Film, 20th Century History.
  • Works: One set film and one set text.

How will you be assessed?

This qualification is linear, which means that students will sit their exams at the end of Year 13. Bingley Grammar School students do also sit the AS exam in Year 12 as a progress measure.

You will be tested in all the skills (Listening, Reading, Translation, Writing and Speaking) and there are three exams.

Speaking is worth 30%; Listening, Reading and Translating is 50%; the Critical Response Essay (based on the film and book) is 20%.

MFL 02 webHow will this course support my future plans?

Studying a Language to A level does not necessarily mean that your choice of further study and/or employment will be language-based.

The course emphasis is on confident and effective communication, as well as gaining skills for practical use – for example independence, research, logic, summarizing, analysis and team work. 

Although many students go on to university to study a Pure Languages Degree or Languages with another subject e.g. Politics, International Studies or Business, other possible career paths are in Teaching, the Diplomatic Service, Translation and Interpreting, Business, Journalism, Law and the Travel Industry.

What are the benefits to me?

On June 16th 2017 the BBC reported results from a British Council survey. It highlights a lack of language skills amongst school leavers, graduates and job seekers which is costing the UK "tens of billions in missed trade".

The British Council warns of the economic damage from poor language skills - and that young people without access to languages are missing out on skills that would improve their employability.

"Not only are the personal benefits of learning a language huge, but the country's current shortage of language skills is already estimated to be costing the economy tens of billions in missed trade and business opportunities every year," said Vicky Gough, the British Council's school adviser.

"If we are to ensure that the UK remains globally competitive in the current and ever-changing landscape, we need all of our young people to be given the chance to acquire these vital skills."

Student thoughts:

Sixth Form Eng Lang 02 web"For my work experience in April, I went to Rouen in Normandy, northern France. After the first day of my placement, I was moved to a Vet's Surgery where I greeted customers and was able to help out with caring for the animals. Everyone was very welcoming and considerate. However, staying with the host family was perhaps the most enriching part of the trip; we picked up conversational phrases, learned French card games and had the opportunity to enjoy a taste of French cuisine. The experience as a whole was very positive.”                               

Emily, studying A level French

“You get the opportunity to study interesting things that you wouldn’t have imagined before – Spanish films, poetry, music, dance etc. Speaking a foreign language – especially a language as widely spoken as Spanish – opens up great opportunities for you. I was lucky enough to spend a week in Spain by myself last November studying in a class of foreign students and practising Spanish in the real world. If you develop a passion for the subject like I did you could also have this opportunity!”

Rosanna, studied A level Spanish


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