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Course Specification

AQA A Level Psychology

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

Grade 5 or above in English Language and 2 Grade 4s in Science.

Costs Associated with this Course

Students are expected to provide their own stationery including an A4 ring binder. Course booklets and exercise books are provided.  Students are also encouraged to purchase a revision guide priced at £14 and subscription to an annual Psychology Review magazine is also available as an optional purchase of £15.

Are you/do you…

Psychology 03 web- Curious about the world and the people in it?

- Want to know how your mind works and what controls your/others behaviour?

- Able to think critically and question what you observe around you?

- Enjoy discussing your ideas with others and evaluating different points of view?

- Able to conduct independent research and interpret the findings of your studies?

How will you be assessed?

There are two exams at AS each worth 50% of your AS qualification. Each exam lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and consist of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

At A-level there are three exams, each account for one third of your A-level. The three exams last 2 hours and consist of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

What will I study?

Psychology 06 webbYEAR 12

Introductory topics in psychology: learn about conformity, social norms, how the mind remembers and forgets and how children form attachments plus the consequences when attachments go wrong.

Psychology in context: learn more about the different approaches in psychology, how to define, explain and treat abnormal behaviour such as phobias, depression and OCD and how to design and conduct your own research. 


In the second year of the A-level you will deepen your understanding of human behaviour. You will study additional approaches in psychology, Biopsychology, Research methods and Issues and debates. You will also learn about research into human relationships, including explanations of attraction and factors affecting romantic relationships, look at the possible causes and treatments of schizophrenia and forensic psychology, including offender profiling and explaining the criminal mind.

How will this course support my future plans?

Psychology is a great subject to study because it will not only give you a number of transferable skills, it will also teach you more about the way people think. Psychology will help you develop a range of skills that will benefit you, whether you decide to go on to further study or the working world, including: analytical thinking;  improved communication; problem solving; planning and conducting scientific investigations; analysing and interpreting data; critical reasoning skills.

An understanding of the human mind is useful in a number of careers, just a few of which include: Marketing; Business development; Accountancy; Human resources; Forensic psychology; Occupational therapy; Clinical psychology; Nursing; Teaching.

Student thoughts:Psychology 08 web

"Psychology requires a lot of dedication and a willingness to learn but once you realise how fun it is to know how your own brain works, you’ll forget it’s even learning!”  

“Psychology is the most interesting subject I do” 

“The knowledge and information we learn is extraordinary.  An amazing subject, with amazing outcomes and amazing teachers!” 

“Psychology is my favourite subject and is so interesting.  It helps that the teachers are so enthusiastic!”


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