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Moving from Primary School to Secondary School is a big step and unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID situation, it is looking very unlikely we will be able to carry out our normal transition programme.

Therefore we have put together this useful information document to help answer any questions you may have.

If there is something you would like to know which is not covered here please let us know either by calling our main reception telephone number: 01274 807700 or by email:

Who’s Who?

Year 7 Year Team 

Head of Year (KS3 Leader for Character and Culture) – Mrs Adele Roberts   

Student Support Officer – Miss Ellen McGee

KS3 Leadership Team

Assistant Head Teacher KS3 Curriculum and Raising Standards – Mr Simon Greening

Assistant Head Teacher SENCO – Mrs Paula Robinson 

Assistant Head Teacher Character and Culture and Safeguarding Lead – Mr Matthew Atkinson  

Associate Assistant Head Teacher Character and Culture and Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Mr Robin Ward  Email:

The School Day:

Our school day begins at 8.30am and Year 7 have exclusive use of T Block and the canteen before school. At 8.30am Year 7 they line up on the yard in their teaching group and any messages can be given at this point, also uniform and equipment can be checked for the day. 

If a student is late for any reason, they must enter school via our Student Reception to sign in.

Currently it is planned that each year group has a 20 minute break in the morning and a 25 minute lunch break, there will be extra 5 minutes at the end for lining up and transition to lesson so no one is late. The school day finishes at 2.40pm for Year 7.

The First Day:

On our first day we ask all new Year 7 students to meet in the Main Hall (also known as N6) for 8.30am where we will show everyone where to sit in their new class groups, and explain how the day will go. Members of our leadership team and teaching staff will be around first thing in the morning to show students where to go so no-one gets lost. Our school site is very big but from experience we know new students find their way around within a day or two. Students DO NOT need to bring their PE kits on the first day.


Our school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the overall ethos of Bingley Grammar School.

Reasons why our uniform is so important:

  • it instils pride and identity.
  • it supports positive behaviour and discipline.
  • it ensures that all pupils regardless of race or background feel welcome.
  • it protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way.
  • School uniform supports effective teaching and learning.

Our uniform supplier has recently changed ownership and they have asked us to forward on to you the details of the changes. 

Click here to read the letter from Whittaker’s Schoolwear >>

Click here to view our Uniform List >>

Travel to and from school:

Our students represent Bingley Grammar School on their journeys between home and school. We ask that they are respectful of the wider community as they travel and that their behaviour is safe. This includes using the pelican crossings to cross the road, standing well back from the edge on railway platforms and bus stops and allowing people to pass them on pavements. 

We do not currently know how transportation will run in September 2021 in relation to the Covid-19 situation and ask that parents/carers monitor this. 

Walking: Many of our students walk to and from school which we encourage to build their independence and as a form of exercise.

Cycling to School: We have an area near main reception where bicycles can be secured during the school day. Please let us know if your son/daughter is intending to cycle to and from school.

School Buses: We have 7 School buses which service lots of areas such as Harden, Cullingworth and Cottingley. Students cannot use these bus services without a specific pass which needs to be shown on each journey. 

To find out about the school buses available and apply for a school bus pass click the link:   School Bus Information >>

Public Transport: Many of our students travel by public transport, either by bus or train. Please speak to your child about being polite and courteous to other passengers – we expect all Bingley Grammar students to be considerate members of our local community.  It may be a good idea to have a ‘practice’ run prior to starting school if they are using public transport.   

Dropping Off and Picking Up Students: Some parents/carers choose to bring their son(s)/daughter(s) to school by car, especially in their first year at the school. While we understand this completely, may we ask parent/carers to be considerate of our neighbours and other road users by not parking on yellow lines or parking on pavements. Also, we ask that parent/carers do not park on Access Only roads or Castlefields Industrial Estate. Parking is not permitted on the bus turnaround or on the school site.  Equally whilst parked waiting for your sons and daughters we ask you to consider the air we breathe and turn off your engines whilst waiting. Engine idling is a big problem around schools and we would like to minimise the impact to the environment and our students’ health. It may be advisable to arrange a meeting point further away from school. 

Equipment students should always have with them:

Student Planner (optional), 

Stationary: 1 Pen, 1 Pencil, 1 Ruler, 1 Protractor, 1 Pair of compasses, 1 eraser, a highlighter 

1 Scientific Calculator (this can be purchased from our Maths Department once the school term has begun)

Books for that day

Lanyard & ID Badge to be worn at ALL times, 

A school bag (clearly named)

A full PE kit (only required on PE days, each item clearly named)

If students forget equipment and/or items of uniform, this can be loaned to them for the day.

The School Restaurant:

We have recently taken on a new catering company in school and we are working with Dolce Ltd to create great menu options for students for the autumn term.  

As a school we are committed to, and compliant with, the School Food Plan which was published by the Department of Education in 2013. 

Click here to read more about our Catering Commitment >>

Cashless Catering: We use a cashless system for the catering service at Bingley Grammar School. The easiest and safest way to put money onto your son/daughter’s account is by using ParentPay: You will receive a letter in the post to link up your ParentPay before September. 

Students are then able to swipe their ID card when buying food at break and lunch. There are also machines in school that students can use to top their own card up using coins and notes. Students will get their ID cards on the first day they attend.  

Click here to read more about our Cashless Catering system >>

Free School Meals: If your son/daughter is eligible for Free School Meals please apply using the link below. If they qualify, an allowance of £2.35 a day will be automatically uploaded to their swipe cards.

Click here for more information >>

The LORIC Award System

We are proud to say we have been part of the PiXL group for several years now and over that time have implemented many changes which have benefitted our students. PiXL is a partnership of over 1500 schools working together to achieve the highest outcomes for students and to improve their life chances.

As part of our continued drive to acknowledge and broaden our students’ attributes and skills sets, each year group have been working on the PiXL edge scheme through a series of tasks and activities (including target-setting and self-reflection) and earning their ‘LORIC’ certificates and badges. 

Yr 7 LORIC Learning Journey

Each year group has a LORIC focus which we call their ‘Learning Journey’. Year 7 will focus on:

Leadership: To be ready and know what to learn every day, to lead by example and help others in lessons and around school 

Organisation: To create a homework and revision timetable. 

Resilience: To keep trying hard to achieve goals even when things get too difficult and have a minimum of 97% attendance. 

Initiative: To set goals, actively seek out rewards and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Communication: To be kind and positive to everybody and always have an active engagement in lessons.

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Click here to download this information as a printable pdf >>

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