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Transition Reading

Our Reading Coordinator Miss Powell has put together this summer reading list for our new Yr 7 transition students.

There is a downloadable version at the bottom of the page plus a page giving tips on how to encourage your son/daughter to read more.

Summer reading suggestions

Counting down the days until you can start at Bingley Grammar? Here are some books to keep you occupied in the (hopefully) sunny months ahead!

In English, you’ll read a class novel set during war time. Here are some other war time books you might like to try:

Year 6 Summer Reading pic 1

Why not read about some of the topics that you will do this year in other subjects?

Year 6 Summer Reading pic 2

Finally, here are some books to keep you entertained!

Year 6 Summer Reading pic 3

If you’re looking for more books to read, look at our Year 7 Reading List on the Reading Page of the Bingley Grammar School website in the curriculum area.

Why not tell your English teacher in September which books you’ve read over summer? We look forward to meeting you!

Click here to download a printable version of the Yr 6 Summer Reading Suggestions above >>

Click here to download our Reading Tips sheet >>