Bingley Grammar School

Subject Introductions

Hi year 6 students! We are really really really looking forward to meeting you, it is such a shame that we haven't been able to open our doors and let you pop-in for a day or two to have a good look around.

We know that you probably have lots of questions and maybe some worries about joining us in September.

To try and help you get excited about joining our amazing school, our fantastic teachers have put these 'Padlets' together to say 'Hi' and tell you a bit about themselves and their exciting subjects. There is loads of information and fun activities you can try at home to give you a flavour of things to come!

Just click the links below to find out more. Hang in there year 6 and we'll see you soon:

Maths Introduction >>

English Introduction >>

Science Introduction >>

Modern Foreign Languages Introduction >>

Art Introduction >>

Drama Introduction >>

Music Introduction >>

PE Introduction >>

Computing Introduction >>

Religious Studies Introduction >>

Geography Introduction >>

History Introduction >>

Food Science and Nutrition Introduction >>

Computer Studies Sept17

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