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Parent Info
is a new collaboration between CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command) and Parent Zone. Parent Zone is an organisation which helps families deal with the many difficulties that are thrown up by the pace of technological change, providing them with the knowledge to make the most of the digital age, creatively and confidently. Click here to visit the Parent Zone site.

Parent Info provides high quality information to parents and carers about their children's wellbeing and resilience. The site covers topics such as cyber safety, mental health concerns, use of social media, sex and relationships as well as building resilience. Click here to visit the Parent Info site.

Please make use of the up-to-date news feed below full of information, advice and sources of support for parents and carers to help our children and young people stay safe online.

The aim is to help parents help their children to be discriminating, web-literate and resilient.

Please note: The Parent Info articles in the feed below may not always express the view of Bingley Grammar School.