Bingley Grammar School

Weekly News Reviews & PSE Presentations

Each week Mrs Cartledge sends students our weekly news review to help them keep up with what's going on in the world.

Obviously during this time we are focusing on the pandemic and lockdown by looking at different aspects such as other countries handling of the situation and heroes like Colonel Tom Moore.

Click the links below to view the presentations:

Weekly News Review 1 - Is this a turning point in History? >>

Weekly News Review 2 - Coronavirus acts of kindness >>

Weekly News Review 3  - What you need in a crisis: a woman in charge? >>

Weekly News Review 4  - Captain Tom….NHS Hero! >>

Weekly News Review 5 - VE Day >>

Weekly News Review 6 - A terrible situation but a big opportunity? >>

Weekly News Review 7 - What is the price of a human life >>

Mrs Cartledge is also sending out the weekly PSE powerpoints. Ordinarily these presentations would be gone through in form time however we feel the information and advice is more valuable than ever at this present time:

Surviving Lockdown Week 1 >>

Surviving Lockdown Week 2 >>

Surviving Lockdown Week 3 >>

Surviving Lockdown Week 4 >>

Surviving Lockdown Week 5 >>

Surviving Lockdown Week 6 >>

Surviving Lockdown Week 7 >>