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Modern Foreign Languages

At BGS we aim to make learning a modern foreign language stimulating, engaging and interesting. We learn about languages, and the cultures of the people who speak them, actively through phonics, song and music, games, role-play and ICT.

We also understand that students need to understand how languages work (grammar) and to learn vocabulary if they want to use them in the real world for real purposes and to do well in their studies, especially as the new GCSE and A Level exams are now linear (final assessment only).

We have a strong belief that learning a Modern European Language will:

  • Prepare students for an increasingly competitive national and European career market
  • Offer students an insight into cultures and lifestyles different to their own
  • Help students to develop general listening, reading, writing and speaking skills which are essential for good communication in all areas of their personal and professional life
  • Develop independent learning skills

All students study Spanish in Year 7, with the top bands also studying French. From Year 8 onwards most students continue to learn one language up to GCSE standard, as part of the English Baccalaureate. We follow the AQA specification at GCSE and Eduqas at AS and A Level.


Years 7 and 8 participate in the Foreign Language Spelling and Translation Bee, a national competition organised and run by Routes into Languages.

Every September the Faculty organises different events to celebrate the European Day of Languages. In 2018 there was a flags treasure hunt around school, a design-a-t-shirt competition and the restaurant served foods from around Europe. The students were encouraged to say “thank you” in a foreign language to enter a prize draw, the prize being a mountain bike!

We offer a French trip for students in Year 7 and 8. They spend a few days in Normandy practising their language skills and experiencing the culture – for example a visit to a local market, the war cemeteries and the chocolate factory. In the near future we hope to be able to offer a similar trip for students studying Spanish.

For Yr 11 students, GCSE revision and intervention sessions run every Wednesday in T block from 2.50pm until 3.30pm to consolidate learning.

AssessmentCreative Writing Class

Internal assessments take place two or three times a year as per the assessment calendar and reported home.

GCSE French Specification (AQA 8658) and GCSE Spanish Specification (AQA 8698)

Links to exam board past papers and mark schemes : and

Curriculum Overview

Year 7

Year 8

Spanish :

Basic introductions

Classroom language

Dictionary skills


Personal information

Numbers – age and birthday

Family and pets


Items in your school bag

School subjects and opinions

Describing teachers

Food and drink at school

Cultural awareness


Basic introductions

French alphabet

Dictionary skills

Classroom language


Numbers – age and birthday


Items in your school bag

Classroom objects

Saying what you study and expressing opinions

Describing teachers

Food and drink at school

What you do outside of school

Family and descriptions

Cultural awareness

French and Spanish:

Classroom language

Numbers and alphabet


Describing your home and bedroom

Giving opinions on your local area

Places in a town

What you do and did last weekend in your town



Sports and hobbies in a variety of tenses

Giving opinions on TV programmes and films

Arranging to meet a friend


Shopping for food and clothes

Cultural awareness

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

French and Spanish:

My studies – school subjects, teachers, opinions, facilities, routines, uniform, life at school in Fr/Sp speaking countries

Health – parts of the body, at the doctor and chemist, sport, diet, unhealthy lifestyles, resolutions for the future

Environment – issues in the local area and at home, natural disasters and world problems, social issues e.g. poverty

Practical language use – booking in at the hotel/campsite, making a complaint, train travel, ordering food and drink in a restaurant, sorting a problem, tourist information

French and Spanish:

Technology – uses, opinions and reasons

Myself, my family and friends – family members, physical descriptions, personality, relationships

Home town and local area – describing your local area, things to do, opinions, directions, describing your home and bedroom, discussing celebrations at home e.g. Christmas, birthdays

Free time – sport, TV, films, musical preferences, arranging to go out with friends, food and eating out

Travel and Tourism – holiday types and preferences, travel abroad, describing holidays in the past and future, describing the holiday location and accommodation, holiday memories and disasters

French and Spanish:

Marriage and Partnership – views on marriage and relationships

My studies – revision of school subjects, teachers, facilities, uniform, routines, school rules. Education Post-16

Careers – jobs, charity work, ambitions

Technology – uses, opinions and focus on social media

Environment – local environmental problems, global issues, poverty, homelessness, natural disasters, life in poorer countries

Customs and Festivals – traditions and festivals in French and Spanish speaking countries

    Useful Resources and Revision Support : all students are asked to sign up for this website to be able to complete their weekly learning homework online. The majority of MFL homework now consists of vocabulary learning, practice and retention in order to prepare students for the linear GCSE.

    Pearson GCSE Revision Guide and Workbook : we offer these at the start of the year at a reduced price of £2.50 each and encourage students to acquire them for their own personal revision.

    Mary Glasgow languages magazines : we offer these at the start of the year, they cost £9 for a year’s subscription and include topical and authentic reading material, such as appears on the new GCSE exam paper.

    AQA website links as before : and

    BBC Bitesize links : French and Spanish

    We also recommend as a vocabulary builder