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Covid-19 Information

BGS Ethos LogoThis page will be updated with the latest information regarding our Covid-19 measures.


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School Procedures

Please may we remind you of our procedures if a student or a member of their household presents with Covid-19 symptoms and/or tests positive for Covid-19:

Please can we ask that if any student receives a positive Covid-19 test result after school ends on Friday 23.10.2020 and until school opens on Monday 02.11.2020 that this information is immediately emailed to school using the email address of to enable school to complete any necessary tracing of any close contacts from school. 

This is especially important if the student was in school when they would have been infectious which is 2 days before until 10 days after any symptoms develop.

Also if any member of the student’s household receives a positive Covid-19 test result, please can this information be immediately emailed to school using the email address of to allow school to make sure registers are updated with isolation absence information. If any student or any member of the student’s household receive a negative test result which allows students to return earlier than their 14-day isolation period, please can a copy of this be emailed to to allow registers to be amended.


If your child or someone in your household displays Covid-19 symptons and you are unsure what to do, click the advice sheet below:

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Covid-19 Test Results

When notifying us of Covid-19 test results please only email the following:

Setting Work for Students Isolating

All lessons are now posted on ClassCharts using the Homework setting function.

The lessons will be headed LESSON with the date. Please do not confuse this with Homework which is also set in the same place and called HOMEWORK.

This means that all the students in the class will be able to see the lesson. We are doing this to try and make sure that the work students complete at home is as aligned as possible with what is being covered at school.

As stated above, the homework setting function will also be used for setting homework. This will be headed HOMEWORK.

Teachers are still teaching a full timetable to students in school so lessons could be posted before, during or after a lesson dependent on teachers’ commitments and what is needed to be posted.  

Lots of lesson resources are set via Google, please make sure your child can access their school email and Google account as well as ClassCharts.

For ClassCharts login support email your Head of Year/Student Support Officer.

For Google login support email

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Mr Atkinson is currently issuing weekly updates via email to parent/carers including information on staying 'SAFE' in school, face coverings and uniform. The situation nationally and locally is changing frequently so if required a mid-week update will also be issued. If you are not receiving emails from school please contact us to let us know your email address. Mr Atkinson's updates can also be viewed on the school website in the News Articles section.

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School Risk Assessment

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