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Your son or daughter will be making decisions that will have a huge impact on their future and our aim is to support them as much as possible by making them aware of the information, advice and guidance that is available to them in school and where it can be accessed from the huge resource available on the internet.

uniforg logo square webUnifrog - Bingley Grammar subscribes to this brilliant web site which helps students to find the right College Course, University Course or live Apprenticeship vacancy quickly. It compares courses and vacancies by lots of different factors including distance from home, social life and salary. Unifrog is the easy way for students to choose the best Courses and Apprenticeships for them and for teachers to track their progress.

Parents and students can log on together, so they can become part of the careers guidance process >>

Key Events 

Year 8 Options Evening

This takes place in March and the process of choosing subject options will be fully explained. We also produce an Options Guidance Booklet.

Work Experience Year 12

Year 12 students are given the opportunity to go on work experience for one week in July. This will be the first time many of them will venture out into the world of work and can be an invaluable experience helping to define their career plans and aspirations.

Career Appointments

KS4 and KS5 students have the opportunity to discuss their future plans and all the alternatives open to them with our Shine Careers Service Adviser. Students may arrange an appointment via Mrs Durrans in the Careers Office located in the library, or email a request to: It really helps to do a bit of preparation beforehand by using the list of useful websites and resources below to help you research.

Open Days / Taster Days

Details of all local Colleges and Universities will be emailed via Gmail to all students. All education providers have their own websites on the Internet and you can check for info on Open Days/Evenings and Taster Days, especially if you are interested in one particular establishment. 



If further/higher education is not for you, Apprenticeships are a great way to gain entry level employability qualifications enabling candidates to combine practical work experience with study to further their career. Through an apprenticeship you will work alongside experienced staff to find out first-hand what a particular job entails. - Lots of information about apprenticeships. Register, search and apply for apprenticeships on line here. – Sign up for information regarding apprenticeships, find out what it’s really like to be an apprentice. Search and apply for apprenticeships here. - This website has lots of information about apprenticeships and a link to the government website where you can set up an account to apply for apprenticeships, and subscribe to email updates and newsletters. - This website also has information about apprenticeships, gives reviews of the best companies with apprenticeships and lists available apprenticeships to apply for.

General Careers Advice

There is so much information out there reguarding careers and your next steps. Here are some useful website we recommend and use in school: - Find information about specific careers e.g. entry requirements, rates of pay, job descriptions etc in the 'job profiles' section. The web site is designed to inspire young people to make more effective skills, career, work and life choices. You can also look at what sort of jobs may suit you. - The 'careers advice' section gives you information about 'options with your subject' e.g. Biology. It gives useful information about which careers can be entered with the chosen subject.

icloud – This site gives ideas, advice and information on careers. There is also a link to the Buzz Quiz which helps you discover what type of career may match your personality. – The government website has an extensive section on employment covering things such as vacancies, the law on minimum wage, tax payments when you work etc.

sacu – This site provides brilliant information on the labour market, average salaries, unemployment rates, explore what courses you could go on to do, careers information and tips for both students and parents.

ucas - Find out about your options after school, college, or sixth form. Lots of information about the routes available to you, to help you decide what to do next. Search for local courses e.g. A Levels, BTECS, Degrees and NVQs. - Apprenticeships, jobs, employment & training, sponsored degrees, gap year, work experience and advice centre. – Connexions Bradford is a confidential information and support service for young people in the district covering education/training choices, employment, money, health and relationships, helping you make the right decisions and take action. – Show your skills, link with businesses, win prizes, improve your CV, and get connected directly with big brands and the world of work. How it works: 1) Companies challenge 2) Students respond 3) Good ideas get rewarded with cash, unique experiences, jobs and other great prizes! – The National Citizen Service, is a brilliant experience, where you can build your confidence and life skills living away from home for a week whilst making great friends. - the national online careers film and video library, this website has information on how to achieve a career within a broad range of industries. It has videos of real people doing real jobs, information on apprenticeships, going to university as well as interview techniques. - information about the local labour market

Volunteering & Gap Years

Volunteering can be a great way to gain new skills and experience, and depending on the role, can look great on your CV or UCAS application. – Search for volunteering vacancies here.

Some students may decide they want to take a 'gap year' before embarking on a university course or an apprenticeship post 18 - Real Gap gives lots of information and advice on different options available to you: - Gap Year information and advice.

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