Bingley Grammar School


Whilst we may have met your daughter/son already, we are looking forward to getting to know them better. At Bingley Grammar School we strive to make the Transition Process as easy as possible for both parents and students.

We visit your children at their Primary Schools and talk to them about what life is like at BGS; what we expect from them and what they can expect from us as well as our School Ethos.

We aim to make this a three way partnership between your child, the Year 7 team and parents. We encourage you to get in touch with us if your child or yourself have any queries or concerns, likewise we will be in contact with you should we need to. We will endeavour to return phone calls or e-mails if you have a problem, as soon as we can. Be assured that we will deal with any issue in a sensitive and confidential way.

Parents and students are understandably nervous at this time, this is perfectly normal. But there is no need to worry, your child’s welfare, development and happiness is paramount to us and we want all our students to achieve their full potential.

Joining Year 7

On joining Year 7 students are placed into 12 mixed ability Tutor Groups taking into account friendship groups, a mixture of pupils from various Primary Schools and a full range across all abilities. They will stay in these forms for the next four years to give a sense of continuity and belonging.

The Tutor’s role will be to help them settle into the school, advise them through important stages of their school career and take an interest in their students’ personal and academic progress and welfare.

Each form group is assigned to one of our four houses and the students will take part in various activities and competitions (as individuals, members of teams and tutor groups) throughout the year as part of our thriving house system.

Your child will be continually encouraged to give her/his best and we will communicate with you when they do well through text messages, letters of praise and regular parents evenings. There are lots of challenges for them to meet, such as ‘Star of the Week’, ‘Weekly Attendance Challenge’ and termly prizes which include chocolates, vouchers and group pizza lunches.

There are also special reward trips. We believe in rewarding good behaviour and effort. We will equally challenge inappropriate behaviour and sanction accordingly.

We hope that your son/daughter is looking forward to the next step in their educational journey with us and that the information provided is helpful to students and parents alike.



Transition Activities

Before students arrive in Year 7 we offer Year 5 and 6 students opportunities to visit our school and take part in various exciting events: