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Literacy at Bingley Grammar

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Did you know that most secondary school text books have a reading age of around 10 but many GCSE exam papers require a reading age of 15+? Did you know that 1 in 6 adults in England experience significant literacy issues in their everyday lives?

I think we would all agree that literacy is hugely important and at Bingley Grammar School we are committed to ensuring that each and every student has the opportunity and support to develop the necessary skills not only to access the curriculum but to provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Good language skills are essential if students are to explore the world about them, interact with others and express their thoughts and feelings clearly. We are working hard to embed effective teaching and learning approaches within and beyond the walls of our school.

One of the approaches we have adopted is to consider every teacher in school as a teacher of English and to this end whole school policies and approaches are being developed that go far beyond what is taught in the classic English lesson. Alongside this we will be implementing a number of strategic initiatives to support literacy work both within school and at home. A major focus of the work will be reading for enjoyment. As well as author visits and workshops we will be holding regular planned reading sessions. There are also timetabled literacy classes and focussed support for individual students.

Literacy across the Curriculum

What constitutes effective literacy learning? What are the key factors that affect pupils’ levels of literacy? These are just two of the questions that we have asked ourselves in considering the creation of a literacy policy and action plan. As a consequence we are looking at teaching and learning styles, classroom resources, interactive learning materials which can be accessed from home as well as school, how we can better work with parents in this area and how effective monitoring can lead to targeted and successful interventions.

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Literacy Coordinator

Mr N Crawford