Bingley Grammar School

Westminster Trip - Student Reviews

“The day was a great experience and one I will never forget. When we went to see Jennifer Cook, we were told about what 'Diversity and Inclusion' is and she answered the questions we wanted to ask. I found the answers really helpful in understanding politics and she also gave us advice on how to become involved in politics and how she started her career.”  Lily, Year 8

“In the Houses of Parliament, we saw a massive room after the entrance. The tour guide said that this used to be a bedroom. We visited the queens private dressing room. Inside we could see a lot of gold and really nice statues and paintings. We went inside the house of commons and inside the houses of lords. We weren't allowed to sit down though unless the queen or Theresa May gave us permission! The tour guide had really good knowledge about this place because he told you about everything about the paintings, statues and rooms. I found it exciting, interesting and fun. I've learned a lot on this trip and I've got a better understanding of politics.”  Mohammed, Year 8

“...After that we went to have a tour around Westminster with a really cool tour guide. He took us to see the House of Commons and the House of Lords which they call 'the Chambers'. We also got to see the queen’s private changing room where there was a throne that she couldn’t sit on! The tour guide showed us this picture of lights, where which way the river Thames flowed the lights would change. It was really amazing.”  Joel, Year 8

“After arriving, we met the head of Diversity and Inclusion, Jennifer Crook, who was an inspiration to everybody there. I was most interested by how she said that diversity wasn't going to be massively affected after Brexit, but we'd see a drop in people deciding not to come to the UK, which could affect us hugely. In Parliament, we had a guided tour which was interesting, and saw numerous suffrage artworks. The Lord's was impressive, but more so was the commons. Despite having less grandeur, it boasted so much history within its four walls. We stood on Jacob Rees-Mogg’s bench, which was rather painful, but gave me a thrill as one day I would like to be there. (Not as a Jacob Rees-Mogg).”  Finn, Year 7

“I really enjoyed Westminster because it helped me learn about politics which is a big thing and it helps me with lots of different things for example the election and learning about how our country is ruled and controlled. The trip was amazing, the sights were wonderful and the people we spoke to were so polite and they made the experience so much better.”  Esa, Year 7