Bingley Grammar School

Year 9 Visit 5 Rise Nursing Home

Every other Monday (non-CPD) a group of Year 9 students are visiting the 5 Rise Nursing Home to join the residents in their afternoon activities.

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Bingley Grammar School are developing links with the 5 Rise Nursing home on Keighley Road as part of the Learning Journey for Year 9 students.  During 2019, members of Year 9 forms are being given the opportunity to help out with group activities for the residents. So far students from 9S1 have helped to make wind chimes and chatted with residents, reminiscing about the past.  This week, 9S2 helped to make decorative hearts and again enjoyed speaking with the residents.  

So far Bingley Grammar students and staff and 5 Rise Nursing Home have commented on how worthwhile this activity has been, allowing people from across the generations to interact and gain a better understanding of this condition.

Mrs Rawling said of Monday's visit,

"It was great this afternoon - the kids loved helping and did not want to leave. We sewed heart decorations and all the students enjoyed talking to the residents saying they would like to visit again soon."

"We hope this exercise in bringing the generations together will benefit the students by showing them what people of all ages have to offer."   Robin Ward, Associate Assistant Headteacher

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