Bingley Grammar School

Yr 8 Stock Market Enterprise Day

On Thursday 19th December our Year 8s took part in an Enterprise Day run by the NYBEP (North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership)

The Year 8’s took part in a fast paced, interactive trading game based on the Stock Market. The students bought and sold shares using a ‘Trading Pit’ run by a small group of sixth form students.

The session covered a week's worth of trading with news alerts and information news sheets being distributed every 20 minutes.

The students were excited by the challenge and threw themselves into the task, rushing to do their trading by the end of the day. Overall the groups were successful with the morning session's winning team earning a massive £956,700!

Mrs Durrans, our Careers Officer, said,

"Well done to all the students for their hard work. Our visitors from the NYBEP complimented the students on their commitment, drive and enthusiasm for the task - and there may be several future traders in our midst!"

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