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Yr 8 Receive Letters from Spain

Last week in their Spanish lessons Yr 8 enjoyed receiving the second instalments of their pen friend letters that have been sent to us all the way from Spain.

Each of the 21 students in the class have now written two letters in Spanish to send to a Spanish student who is studying English in Madrid. We write in Spanish and they write back in English. We have enjoyed learning about their families, hobbies, school, exams and even their musical tastes (it turns out quite a few of them don’t like Justin Beiber, much to our dismay!). We will now start to write back to them in Spanish and await their next replies. Here are a few personal accounts of the project so far:

Yasmin says, "I love sending and receiving the pen pals because I am very interested in what they are up to. It also improves my Spanish because instead of writing it in a book we are talking to real people"

Shumi says, "I think the pen pal letters are a great way of making friends in Spain. It is also a great way of communicating. We help them with their English as they do with our Spanish vocab. But all in all it is a very spontaneous way of making new friends and definitely should be a regular thing." 

Maria says, "Throughout the year we have been doing a pen pal project, in which our Spanish class has been sending letters to Spain. This has been a great experience and will continue to be. By doing this, it has improved my Spanish vocab as well as their English. This has been great fun and hopefully others will agree with me."

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Miss Goulding reading her letter

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