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Yr 8 Martha's Prize Visit to Parliament

IMG_1032 webAt the beginning of April, Year 8 student Martha enjoyed a trip to the Houses of Parliament as her prize for winning MP Philip Davies' competition 'My British Hero'.

Last academic year many of our Year 7 students entered the 'My British Hero' competition. The entries celebrated a wide and varied list of heroes including the Queen, Mo Farrah, the NHS, Katie Piper and Arek Hersh as well as student's family members - personal heroes.

Martha's entry spoke about her inspirational great aunt winning her the competition for her age range. Martha was awarded the prize of first class train tickets, tour of both Houses of Parliament with Mr Davies, and afternoon tea in the Pugin Rooms at the Palace of Westminster! Martha and her mum took the trip at the beginning of April and enjoyed a really memorable day. Here is Martha's report on her experience:

On the 1st April me and my mum caught the train from Shipley to London. As part of the competition prize we got first class railway tickets which was really good because we got free food and reclining chairs.
Once we got to London Kings Cross station we got the tube to Westminster. We went through some airport style security and then we met Rachel Varley who took us on a tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We were lucky enough to be able to go inside the Chapel of Westminster which tours very rarely enter. The House of Lords was very grand and traditional, however the House of Commons was more modern and seemed smaller than it looks on TV. We also walked through where the queen walks when she comes on her annual visit.
We then went through to questions with the Home Secretary – Sajid Javid. We watched about 45 minutes and then I met MPs Philip Davies and Esther McVay and we went to the very impressive Pugin Tea Room – renamed in 1978 dedicated to the memory of Alexander Welby Pugin who directed the interior designs of Westminster Palace. We had some very nice afternoon tea with Mr Philip Davies and spoke about many things in the parliamentary subject. At one point during conversation a bell rang indicating that all MPs had 8 minutes to get to the voting chamber for a vote on whether the government should choose what they vote on in the Houses of Parliament.
I had a really good day and am very happy that I won the My British Hero Competition.

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