Bingley Grammar School

Yr 8 Girls Walk for Charity

e3d995a152e18bb86fa197fdc98b26b8_XLA group of our year 8 girls have been raising money for their house charity Teenage Cancer Trust.

On Saturday 31 Jan, six Yr 8 students - Naeemah, Charlotte, Areebah, Amy, Megan all from 8W1 and 8W3 (Wooller House) and Mahima from 8S1 (Sunderland House), went on a six mile sponsored walk to raise money for the Wooller House charity Teenage Cancer Trust.

One of the girls said, "It was a very cold and windy walk in the snow but we were prepared to do it for charity and we all loved it by the end. We are proud to say that we have raised £146.54 for Teenage Cancer Trust" – well done girls, amazing work.

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