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Year 8 Brilliant Club Launch Trip 2019

On 26th March, 23 students from Year 8 went on a launch trip to the University of Manchester to be introduced to the 'Scholars programme' run by The Brilliant Club.

The Brilliant Club is the largest university access programme for secondary schools in the UK.

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'The Scholars programme' is an eight week programme that places university researchers (PhD tutors) into schools to teach university style tutorials to small groups in STEM, the Arts and Humanities. At the end of the programme students complete a final assignment.

The launch trip included:

  • a tour of the University campus
  • a study skills session
  • a chance to meet and question current students
  • their first tutorial with the PhD tutors

The Scholars Programme is designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills and ambition that support progression to highly selective universities and work in partnership with 17 of the countries most selective universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

The students are working with two different PhD tutors studying STEM and Art and Humanities subjects: Dale Hodgson and Sarah Browne from Leeds University.

Miss Watson commented,

"For most students this was their first visit to a university, and whilst a little daunting at first, they soon began to enjoy the variety in the environment. They saw the museum, the science laboratories, and the numerous buildings containing lecture theaters, libraries and social areas, not forgetting the many undergraduates working independently on projects inspired by personal areas of subject interest. Such specificity engaged our students as they are now aware of how they can select specific topics linked to one subject and study it in depth, as opposed to the subject as a whole. The students then met their PhD tutors Sarah and Dale, and were surprised at how much of their prior knowledge enhanced their understanding of the project they were about to start. Sarah will be focusing on: 'Why was there a French Revolution?' and Dale will be focusing on: 'Can stars float in a bath?' I am intrigued to see the answers! When asked if they would consider university, there was a unanimous 'yes' from all." 

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