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Anne Frank and You Exhibition Yr 8 Trip

On Friday 6th May, 14 Year 8 RE students along with Mr Wright and Miss Shah attended the Anne Frank and You Exhibition at the Kala Sangam Centre in Bradford. 

The  Anne Frank and You exhibition (part of the Stand up, Speak out, Make a Difference Programme coordinated by Bradford Council Children’s Services) examines the experiences of Anne Frank, and promotes understanding and tolerance today. The exhibition was presented in two parts – historical and contemporary.

The historical section of the exhibition was focused around a near life-size replica of Anne Frank’s bedroom in which she wrote her diary. It presented the story of Anne Frank and her family, with a pictorial timeline charting the rise of Hitler, the Nazis and the subsequent Holocaust.

The contemporary panels presented issues of identity and moral choices in modern British society.  The exhibition was led by Year 9 student ambassadors from Beckfoot Upper Heaton School. Our students learnt about current examples of genocide and discrimination including Bosnia and the murder of Stephen Lawrence.  

Our students were a credit to Bingley Grammar School and they will be trained to be ambassadors next year at the exhibition.

"The trip was great - we went to the Anne Frank exhibition in Bradford. We learnt about genocide and the holocaust and what happened to Anne Frank. I think that I would like to be an ambassador next year."   Lewis Deall, Yr 8

"I really enjoyed it because the ambassadors were very interesting and knew more than i expected."   Georgia Jessop, Yr 8

"The boys that were there were so nice and had such good self-confidence speaking to us. It was a pleasure to socialise with different people and the knowledge they gave us was out of this world. Thanks for allowing us to come."   Maleeha Hussain, Yr 8


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Anne Franks bedroom