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School Experiences of Year 7 Students 

Yr 7 Open Evening SpeakersEvery year our Student Support Officer, Mr Brown, asks two Year 7 students to speak at our Yr 6 Open Evening and every year we are blown away by their confidence and the genuine feeling of belonging they speak about.

Below are the two speeches which Olivia and Georgie wrote in their own words, about their experience of Bingley Grammar in their first two weeks in Year 7.

As a thankyou Olivia and Georgie both received a book token and a letter of congratulations from Mr Weston.

Good Evening.

Having been here at Bingley Grammar School for just over two weeks, I already feel like I belong.

Right from day one, those nervous butterflies in my stomach disappeared as the teachers made me feel part of the school community both in lessons and in extra curricular activities.

It didn't take long before the things I was worried about were sorted. Things like navigating the corridors, paying for lunch, and having friends in my lessons turned out not to be problems at all.

I am making new friends everyday and learning new things everyday. Some highlights have been learning to use Bunsen burners, designing an automata, learning about all of the opportunities on offer, and discovering that I can get a hot snack at 10:30am!

Wearing my uniform makes me feel proud. Wearing it, and being here, makes me feel that I am somewhere that I can grow and succeed. I can't wait to discover all the things that are in store for me whilst I am part of Bingley Grammar School.

Thankyou. Olivia - Yr 7

The students spoke four times to prospective families and it was lovely to see Georgie getting the giggles during his third speech whilst his family and younger sister listened:

Ever since I arrived at Bingley Grammar, the teachers have constantly been trying to make us feel at home at the same time as educating us.

I have made loads of friends thanks to the teachers, they have been pairing us up with people we don’t know and sending us off with a task.

Another amazing feature of this school is the cafeteria. Not only is the food delicious, the eating area is amazing! All the students are well behaved and the lunch staff are really kind and helpful, so they will help you find your next class if you feel lost.

At first the school feels massive! But when you get your time table and start walking around to your classes you’ll get used to it.

My favourite part of it all is the competitive parts. (ie: the house competitions in rugby, football and the achievement points!).

Finally I hope you have a fabulous night thank you! Georgie - Yr 7

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