Bingley Grammar School

Yr 7 Transition Day

Today we have welcomed next year's Yr 7 into school to meet their new form groups and tutors and begin the settling in process.

Mr Cook and Mr Brown have enlisted 50 of our current Yr 7 to act as guides and helpers for the day. The group also acted as helpers and school ambassadors on Monday evening when our new Yr 7 and their families came to a transition event.

This morning Mr Wright and Mrs Dean, our Deputy Head teachers welcomed our new students and explained their roles in the school. Head of Yr 7, Mr Cook, then went on to explain our school Ethos and the importance of using the ideas of Belonging to and respecting our community, taking every opportunity and Growing during our time at Bingley Grammar and working towards Succeeding in everything we do.

Mr Brown, our Yr 7 Student Support Officer, talked about the Yr 7 team and how he expects them to be even more amazing than this year's current Yr 7 (who are pretty incredible so they have their work cut out!)

Students are spending the rest of the day in their form groups getting to know each other and taking part in some taster lessons in Modern Foreign Languages and Science.

We hope all our new Yr 7s enjoy the day and we look forward to welcoming them back in September.

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