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Yr 7 Seed Bomb Science Club

On Wednesday 5th May, Mrs Humphreys ran the first of a series of Science Clubs for Years 7 and 8.

The students made their own ‘seed bombs’ each containing around 600 wild flower seeds!

Mrs Humphreys showed the group how to make the pulp using ripped up paper (collected from recycling bins around school), 1 sheet of coloured paper and water.

A hand held blender was used to mix the paper and water together forming the pulp and the seeds were added. The excess water was squeezed out and then the group used moulds to shape the seed bombs and left them to dry out completely.

Mrs Humphreys said,

“What a lovely group of students to work with! I hope everyone enjoyed making the seed bombs and will let me know where they plant them and how they grow.”

Yesterday the group returned to collect their seed bombs to take home and also plant some of them in our Science garden. We look forward to seeing the results later in the summer.

Well done to Larna, Jobhan, Jackson and Aimee! Mrs Humphreys would also like to thank Jackson for the ‘thank you’ soaps he made for her!

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Yr 7 Seed Bomb Making Science Club 19

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