Bingley Grammar School

Year 7 Science of Fireworks

This week our Year 7 students are all having fun designing their own fireworks in Science.

We have spent time in assemblies talking about the dangers of fireworks and our science department decided it would be helpful if students had an understanding of the scientific process involved in making fireworks.

On Wednesday Miss Halliwell demonstrated the chemical reaction involved in making sparklers and then went on to allow students to find out which metals burnt to show which colours.

Our Senior Science Technician explained,

"When different metal salts are heated, the atoms within them absorb energy. They let out (emit) light at different frequencies and we see this as different colours.  If the frequency of light emitted is in the visible region of the spectrum, we will see the colour emitted and can identify the element."

After writing up their findings students decided which metals they would use to design their perfect firework!

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