Bingley Grammar School

Yr 7 Rocket Building Science Club

Last Wednesday, our Science department ran a rocket making after-school session for Year 7 students.

Mrs Humphreys said,

"The rockets we used were a very simple construction. Some string and an elastic band fastened together made the firing mechanism part of the rocket. surrounded by some foam pipe insulation for the body. Some fins were cut out of card and inserted into the base of the rocket, all held together by a few cable ties. The students were able to construct their rocket in less than half an hour giving us plenty of time for launching them.

Mr Jenkins in DT made us a wooden launch pad and the students took it in turns to see who could launch their rockets the furthest by changing the angle of the launch and the energy they put into drawing the elastic band back, investigating the conversion of elastic potential energy from extending the elastic band, into kinetic energy when they released it and launched the rocket.

This got the attention of a number of passing staff members who wanted to have a go themselves. It turns out that our staff are really quite competitive. Mr Atkinson, Mr Ahmet and Mr Robinson all had a go and reached launches of around 10 metres." 

Mrs Humphreys would like to give a big thank you to Mr Robinson for putting this activity together for the students.

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