Bingley Grammar School

Performance Group Promote Road Safety to Year 7

This morning our Year 7 students were treated to a performance by the drama group Performance in Education. The group focussed on pedestrian safety and raising awareness of the risks whilst crossing roads.

After the performance the group opened up a discussion about how we can all protect ourselves as pedestrians by acknowledging the risks involved when crossing roads.

Our students were extremely receptive to the performance and the discussion; as a group they realised their behaviours needed to change to keep themselves and their friends safe.

The groups Learning Objectives were:

  • Raise awareness of the risks when using the road system as a pedestrian, especially when on ‘automatic pilot’ travelling a route they often take e.g. to school.
  • Identify and challenge distractions to pedestrian safety such as phones, mp3 players and messing around with friends
  • Create real life strategies to overcome peer pressure / peer influence around poor road safety.
  • Encourage the use of school crossing patrols and pedestrian crossings - to ask for help when it’s needed.
  • Increase the student’s knowledge of how to remain safe when using the roads and have the confidence to continue using this information.

Click here for more information about the performance.

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