Bingley Grammar School

Year 7 Pizza Reward Lunch

Every year we ask two Year 7 students to speak at our Year 6 Open Evening and every year we are blown away by their confidence and the genuine feeling of belonging they speak about.

This year Mr Foster decided to run a competition for the Year 7s - each form group voted for one girl and one boy to perform their speech with only two students being picked for the evening presentations.

To say thank you and well done to all the finalists Mr Foster rewarded them with a Pizza Hut lunch yesterday which went down very well! 

Some of the students will be recording their speeches and we will upload these to the website for our wider school community to see and enjoy.

The two students chosen to present their speech at the open evening spoke four times in front of a hall packed with prospective families and we were amazed at how calm and confident they were – well done and thank you to Maryam and Joseph.

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