Bingley Grammar School


Year 7 Maths House Comp

On Monday afternoon 32 enthusiastic Year 7 students took part in the annual Yr 7 House Maths Competition.

8 teams battled it out to solve mathematical and logic problems, showing lots of enthusiasm and great team work.

Mrs Sands said,

"They were a brilliant group, very well behaved, hard working and enthusiastic. It was quite a tough challenge and definitely worthy of a LORIC award for those who took part!"

The winning teams were:

4th place (4 house points): Sunderland Team 2 (Oliver B, Archie J, Theodore M and Will A)

3rd place (6 house points): Milner Team 2 (Laiba B, Daniel B, Rohan J, and Lucas AB)

2nd place (8 house points): Oldfield Team 2 (Farhan K, Eisa R, Daniel V and Ryan H)

1st place (10 house points): Milner Team 1 (Zak B, Ben W, Eddison B and Alex VS)

Best teamwork (6 house points): Oldfield Team 1 (Abbi H, Hashir H, Alexia B and Jannat B)

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