Bingley Grammar School

Yr 7 Group Visits Thompson Court Residents

On Monday 11th November to mark Remembrance Day, 11 Year 7 students visited the residents at Thompson Court with Miss Shah and Mrs Kennett.

The group are undertaking the Archbishop of York (ABoY) Young Leaders program which asks the students to "Be the change you want to see".

The award was set up by the Archbishop of York to change the perception of young people and offer experience and opportunities. There are 3 sections which make up the award:

FAITH - students are asked to look at key people of faith, what they believe in and how they use it to make a change in their communities.

HOPE - students then look at their communities and think how they can get involved in social action groups or make a change for the better within the community.

ACTION - finally the students are asked to take action, get involved and make a difference.

Yesterday the ABoY group visited Thompson Court to listen to Yvonne Buckley's talk about the importance of Remembrance Day and how our servicemen and women are still serving our country today. The students then spent time speaking with the residents about their lives and their childhood and memories of post-war Britain.

Miss Shah said,

"It was lovely to see the young and old spending time together and sharing stories about their lives. It was so enriching for both generations and we are looking forward to going back for a second visit nearer to Christmas when we will hopefully sing some carols with the residents and spread some festive cheer."

Members of the Archbishop of York group said,

“When I went to Thompson court I really enjoyed chatting with the residents and learning a lot of interesting facts about rationing and what school was like after the war.”

“Many of the residents we talked to had a great sense of humour and loved talking to us and we loved talking to them.”

“A lot of the residents went to Bingley Grammar School when they were younger and it was really interesting hearing about how they got to school and what school dinners were like then. When they were children they had to wear gas masks to school and go straight into the classrooms to stay safe.”

“We are lucky we still have people to talk to that survived the war and have many amazing stories to talk to us about.”

 “The residents there were delightful, it was a great day. We hope to visit Thompson Court again.”

We would like to thank the staff and residents at Thompson court who made us feel so welcome. Thank you! 

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