Bingley Grammar School

Yr 7 and Yr 12 working together

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week our Yr 7 Maths students from groups 7KR and 7AR put Maths into context by working with the Yr 12 BTEC Hospitality students in the Food Technology department.

Yr 7 have been working on measurement and timing in class so the students were watching food demonstrations to follow and check the measurements of the ingredients.

The Yr 12 Hospitality students were using the experience as professional practice dressed in their Chef's whites whilst talking through the process. The Yr 12s had prepared homemade pitta breads earlier to accompany the range of dips from around the world they were making.

The Yr 7 students enjoyed the tasting session at the end gaining knowledge on different tastes and textures as well as the valuable contextualised maths experience.

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