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Yr 7 and 8 Westminster Trip

On Friday 29th June, 10 students from KS3, made a visit to Westminster, where they were given a tour of Parliament and met the Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Jennifer Crook. 

Miss Shah was inspired to organise the trip after hearing one of our Yr 7 students, Finn Risden, speak so passionately about wanting to become a politician and make a difference. Miss Shah decided to launch a competition where students would have the opportunity to apply to be selected to attend the trip. Fin and Joel (who is also extremely interested in politics) firstly wrote to MP Stewart Andrews and expressed their interest in politics and his team were impressed! They then helped to organise a tour of Parliament.

Fin and Joel created the questions for the application which Miss Shah launched in assemblies for Years 7 and 8.  Two of the questions asked were ‘Why do you want to visit Westminster?’ and ‘If you were to implement one policy in government, what would it be?’ Miss Shah and Mr Foster were very impressed with the responses, some of which can be read here:

“I would like to find out how the country is run; I am interested in equal rights in every way. I don’t know anything about how the UK is run but I would like to learn so that in the future I can make the right decisions when voting.” Martha, Year 7

“I want to visit Westminster so that I can learn how the country is run, because at the moment I don’t know why parliament is important. I would love to find out how it is run because I am going to have to vote one day and I want to know how they make their decisions.” Mohammed, Year 8

“I would like to discover how our country is run and about what the parties do and the different jobs in Westminster. I became interested in politics during the Brexit campaign and the general election. I hear news about politics on TV and would like to understand what it all means.” Lily, Year 7

When asked what policy they would implement the students came up with great ideas including Homeless reduction schemes, community fridges and more funding for education particularly special needs education.

After reading through the applications, 10 students were selected and travelled to London on a sunny Friday morning with Miss Shah and Mr Briggs. The group very much enjoyed the short walk out of Westminster tube station seeing the iconic Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye!

The groups first appointment in Parliament was with the Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Jennifer Crook who gave the students an introduction to the House of Commons and Parliament. She and her team then gave the students a quiz to complete before asking students to imagine they were an MP and come up with a new rule, giving a ‘maiden speech’. Our students then had to vote for the bill to be passed with an Aye’ or a ‘Nay’ just like the MP’s do in the House of Commons.

Jennifer Crook was very impressed with our student’s curiosity and desire to learn, as they asked her a number of honest and astute questions,

“It was a pleasure, they were so well behaved and knowledgeable I am very impressed.”  Jennifer Crook, Head of Diversity and Inclusion.

The group then proceeded to take a tour of Parliament with the very knowledgeable historian Nick who showed the students around the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

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The final stop on the way home was at Platform 9 and 3/4 and the Harry Potter shop (for the Harry Potter fans amongst us!) at King’s Cross station. It was an extremely long day for the students but one they will remember for a long time.

Miss Shah said,

“I was so very proud of our students; they were a credit to Bingley Grammar school. We all had a really memorable day and I feel sure politics will feel far more real and accessible after the experience.”

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