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Yr 6 Primary Science Day               - Cow Do You Do?

Last Thursday Yr 6 students from Crossflatts Primary and Preistthorpe Primary attended a science day with us focussing on Genetics and DNA.

The three groups began by thinking about animals' similarities and differences and attempting to identify animals by a selection of features.

This led the students to talk around the subject of how humans can be different from each other. The students were then tasked with taking measurements of themselves and listing all their characteristics. Then they were asked to compare this with the person next to them. Using the data they had collected on themselves the groups were asked to fill in their own personalised biometrics card including a print of their index finger.

Next the three groups conducted experiments to extract DNA from strawberries! The strawberries were squashed and squeezed and mixed with a solution of salt and washing up liquid. By adding Ethanol to the solution students were able to extract DNA chains and examine them.

The students then learned more about DNA and made DNA models in their class groups.

After lunch the groups came together in the Hills (our Sixth Form building) where they played the Cow DO You Do? game identifying genetic traits associated with Cows by rolling a dice and creating new breeds.

To finish off the day students made DNA bracelets following the DNA chain patterns on either Chimpanzees, Fish, Humans or Butterflies.

It was a busy and enjoyable day for our staff and we hope the day has given the Yr 6 students a good idea of the Science we offer at Bingley Grammar.


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