Bingley Grammar School

Year 5 Science CREST Award

Over the past few months, Year 5 children from Crossflatts Primary, Harden Primary and Wilsden Primary have been completing their CREST superstar awards with the help of our Science teachers.

The CREST awards provide students the opportunity to plan and investigate problems and questions they have in the real world. Science teachers from Bingley Grammar visited the students at their primary schools over 4 sessions. The students enjoyed finding out which is the best acid to make cheese; what is the perfect height to drop your toast (and have it land butter side up); which tea bag shape makes the perfect cup of tea and the best design for a rocket.

Last Monday the children visited Bingley Grammar school where they got stuck into some more Science problems.  One task they faced was discovering which recipe made the strongest and stickiest glue. They created their own indicators out of red cabbage and tested it on various acids and alkalis that could be found in their homes.  They were tasked with extracting dye from skittles and crafting some chromatography flowers and finally we held a competition to determine which student could build the fastest boat. The students have now completed their CREST superstar award and will receive a certificate and badge shortly. 

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