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Yr 12 Go Ape Trip

On Wednesday 12th June, a group of our Year 12 OCR Sport and Physical Activity students visited Go Ape at Temple Newsam in Leeds to cover the OAA (outdoor and adventurous activities) aspect of their practical unit.

Yr 12 Lauren reports:

"When we went to Go Ape we were harnessed up before going to a small section of obstacles where we learnt how to use the carabiner so that we were always safe when up in the trees. 

There were 5 courses that we could go on which focussed on different things. For example, the first one was the easiest as it featured many pathways that you had to climb across. The second one was similar however as it had some harder obstacles such as hanging rings. The third course was full of zip wires and the fourth course included a tarzan jump onto a large net. Finally, the fifth course included a long rope bridge to a tall podium where we were harnessed up and had to jump straight down as it was a type of bungee jumping.

It was challenging, especially for those who suffered a fear of heights. Most of the group made it all the way around and everyone jumped off the ledge at the end. We all cheered one another on and it was a very supportive atmosphere."

Mr Swann said,

"For this unit of the course the students had to look after their own safety during the activity and develop other skills like resilience, problem solving and bravery. We were really proud of how well the students tackled the course, especially those who overcame their fears and stayed positive throughout."

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