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Yr 10 Teenage Cancer Trust Assembly

On Monday Lenny from the Teenage Cancer Trust came into school to talk about understanding Cancer and the challenges teenagers and young people with cancer face.

The talk covered five areas:

  • what cancer is and how it spreads

  • the warning signs: L.U.M.P.S

  1. Lumps (check for lumps regularly on your whole body)

  2. Unexplained tiredness (persistent and/or extreme)

  3. Moles changing (get to know what your moles look like and keep checking them for changes)

  4. Pain (persistent, unexplained and/or extreme)

  5. Significant weight gain (unexplained or extreme)

  • the 3 ways cancer is treated and how TCT help and support teenagers and young people both medically and socially/emotionally.

  • the challenges young people with cancer face and how their lives change

  • why a healthy lifestyle is important

Lenny told Yr 10 how every day 7 teenagers/young people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK and that their social and emotional needs were important as well as their obvious medical needs. His job was to raise awareness as young people with cancer have said that's what they want.

Lenny's talk gave our student's lots to think about and we hope that it will help anyone affected by cancer either personally or within their family or friendships - thank you to Teenage Cancer Trust for giving their time to raise our student's awareness.

Click here to find out more about Teenage Cancer Trust >>

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