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Yr 10 Say 'No to Hate' Trip

On Monday 16th September Mr Ward and Mrs Kennett accompanied 8 Year 10 students to the National Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire to take part in a day of workshops and presentations focussed on saying 'No to Hate'.

The day began with the groups from 4 different schools being introduced to Manoj (Manny) Barot, who delivered an inspirational talk promoting tolerance and peace. Manny is a retired police officer and former director of professional studies at National Holocaust Centre and Museum. He is involved in a lot of anti-hate-crime campaigns in the Midlands working in part with prison inmates to break the cycle of hate and violence @stophateuk.

The main speakers were Deena and Odette, from the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (  @sophie_charity). The students took part in an activity where they chose potential friends from flash cards and were made to think about their opinions on other people's styles and dress sense. They spoke about how we make assumptions and judgements about people based on the way they look, and encouraged pupils to examine their gut reactions to people further. They then related the story of Sophie, who was killed because of the way she looked (Goth culture) and her murder was classed as a hate crime.

The last speaker of the morning was Ivan Humble, an ex EDL member ( @NewDayStarts) who spoke about how he became involved with the group through social media, after finding himself isolated and angry about anti-military sentiment shown by some Muslims at a military homecoming parade. He talked about how he left the EDL and its ideologies and now campaigns with Muslims against racial hatred. After lunch the students were given time to reflect on what they had seen and heard throughout the morning and in groups of 4 were filmed by a professional film crew speaking about the Say No To Hate campaign.

After the filming session the students were able to visit the Holocaust exhibition and reflect on how hate can have the most horrific outcomes. Our students will now become say 'No to Hate' ambassadors and will use this experience to educate their peers.

All our students gained a lot from the day and were moved by the different experiences of Hate Crime they had heard. We look forward to seeing the final videos which will be used as part of the No to Hate campaign.

The organiser of the event Angela Wright said,

"Just a quick note to thank you for arranging for your pupils to come to NHCM on Monday and take part in the No to Hate day. We were thrilled with the way the day went, and pleased to see so many young people engaged in the activities and giving such thoughtful contributions. Our guest speakers spoke very highly of the pupils and were impressed with the levels of maturity shown."

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