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Yr 10 Religious Studies Trip to the Guardian HQ in London

On Fri 15 Jan, Miss Shah, Mrs Rawling and 20 Yr 10 GCSE RE students spent the day at the spectacular Guardian newspaper headquarters in London, where they were journalists for the day! Guided by a Guardian journalist, students created their own front page of a newspaper, creating articles on the civil rights movement including news stories about, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcom X. In only four hours students had to come up with headlines and copy and had edited their stories working under strict deadlines!

The workshop was led by journalist Elli Narewska who showed the group various journalistic techniques which the students applied to their work. Students used archived civil rights stories linking in modern day events, highlighting the differences between then and now. 

The results were fantastic and the students were an absolute credit to the school. Watch out for future Bingley journalists!

Here are a few reviews of the day written by the students:

Poppy Aherne wrote:

The Year 10 trip to the Guardian Headquarters was both rewarding and exciting. A workshop run by a woman named Elli allowed us to make our own newspaper front page with archived stories. It was based on the civil rights era, some linking in Barack Obama and showing how far America has come since. Elli showed us some journalistic techniques and we began to write 5 stories, with a lunch break half way through. I chose to write about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, the KKK and corruption within the police department. It was very interesting to read sources of information from that period of time as all the articles we read were actual snippets of stories wrote back then.

We were all very proud of our finished newspapers as they looked professional and a lot of hard work had been put into them. Ellie displayed them all out on the wall so we could look at what our peers produced. 

The workshop has made me consider journalism as a career choice in the future. It was a brilliant experience and I am grateful to have gone.

Masoomah Ahmed wrote:

The trip we took to the Guardian HQ (London) was exciting and an incredible experience. Going to visit a workplace of that calibre really helped my class and I understand what a job as a Journalist would entail. Should any of us choose to pursue a career in News Reporting or Journalism, this would be beneficial experience into the jobs requirements as well as helping them get a feel of the pressure that comes with the job. The workshop we took part in was fun yet educational as it taught us just how much work the employees would have to put in each day. The article we wrote focused on the Civil Rights movement during the time of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, because of this we not only learnt about the Civil Rights Movement and the impact it had on American society, we also learnt about the structure of a professional newspaper and the articles within.

Sophia Heslop wrote:

When we went to the Guardian Headquarters in London I had an amazing time. Even though we had to be at school for 6:15am I didn’t mind because I enjoyed every minute we were travelling and doing work in the Guardian Headquarters. It wasn’t what I expected at all; in fact it was better than I thought it was going to be. When we were there we worked in partners to make a front page of a newspaper article. The article we made was based on the civil rights movement and the actual recall of some newspaper articles about murders that had happened during the movement. The journalists in the building were very polite and kind to us. It was a nice working environment to be in. I’m glad this trip was made possible as it is helping me decide what type of job I would like to do when I’ve finished my GCSE’s.

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