Bingley Grammar School

Year 10 Mock Interviews

On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th July our Year 10 students each had their own mock job interviews with real employers from NYBEP.

These interviews introduced our students to the process of applying for a job and preparing for an interview. Students were asked to prepare a CV and think about what they would speak about in their interviews prior to the day. On the day the students underwent a 15-20 minute interview with an external employer/business volunteer from a range of industries including Keighley College, RAF, Bingley Town Council, Yorkshire Water RRG, Lloyds Bank, IV, Melrose interior, Stocksfield Construction, Army Careers, Watson Buckle, STEM Ambassador, Pennington, Wilmot Dixon, Theia Drone, Diamond Microwave, SNG Logistics, Cardinal, Ramboll and Aston University.

During the interview students were asked questions such as 'where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?', 'what are your strengths?', 'what are your interests?' and 'what do you consider your weaker points?'. Each student will receive individual feedback following the interview.

Our students were brilliant and we got fantastic feedback about them from the employers. After they had their interview, students were asked to complete an evaluation about the interview and here is a summary of the results:

- 100% felt that their confidence and self belief had improved

- 97% would recommend the activity to a friend or peer

- 94% felt they better understood the importance of working hard at school

- 96% felt they better understood that a positive attitude is needed to succeed

- 93% felt their communication skills had improved

- And 90% of students felt they were more prepared for the world of work

We are delighted that our students improved their confidence and that they felt the interviews were worthwhile.

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