Bingley Grammar School

Year 7 PSE Healthy Eating Week 

Yesterday Yr 7 students were learning about the 'Eatwell plate' and why eating a balanced diet is so important.

To connect learning from Science, PSE and Food Technology about nutrition the group was set a challenge. Could they make a healthy balanced snack that would encourage young children to eat more of their five a day? 

The group used the 'claw grip' and 'bridge hold' techniques of cutting and preparing vegetables to make their own version of the Eatwell Train! Complete with tracks, the class made a train with carriages full of healthy nutritious crudites. It didn't stop long as after we had made it the class dug in and ate the whole lot!

These Yr 7s definitely hit their 5 a Day target yesterday - well done.

Mrs Wilkinson

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