Bingley Grammar School

Year 7 Lab Sessions

Last week, we were very happy to welcome our Year 7s into the labs for their first timetabled practical sessions. (They now have their own bubble area which was until recently occupied by Year 13s)

They began by being given an introduction to the lab environment and learned about the relevant health and safety procedures involved.

During their first lab session the students were taught how to use a Bunsen burner and the differences between the yellow safety flame and the blue flame and when to use each one. Once the students displayed their proficiency in using a Bunsen burner, they received their 'Bunsen Burner License'. 

This week the Year 7s have been building on their knowledge from last week and using the Bunsen burners in a range of investigations including heating and cooling experiments and flame testing. They will then move onto biology and microscopy. 

Mrs Humphreys said,

"I am so pleased to be able to welcome Year 7s into the Science Labs and see them getting stuck into their practical work. Our science teachers have been genuinely excited to work with them in the labs at last."

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05 Yr 7 Lab Sessions

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