Bingley Grammar School

Year 13 Leavers Event

Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 30th June) saw our Year 13s returning to school to say their goodbyes and celebrate together.

Mr Moore reports,

It was lovely to see everyone enjoying the sunshine on the field for the final time, with picnic blankets, party food and smiling faces.

The atmosphere was lovely as they said their farewells to staff and each other, took photographs, ate ice-creams and reminded us of what fantastic young adults they have developed into.

The 'house band' went down a storm, with Ms Hall and Mr Ninson amazing us with their vocal performances, and, as is customary, giving out the Awards at the end was a pleasure.

It may not have been what any of us intended originally, but as with many things involving our Year 13 over the last 18 months, they made it a joy.

Thank you all and good luck in your future endeavours.

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