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Writing Competition Prize Winners Published

WORLD BOOK DAY WRITING CONTEST 2016You may remember that on World Book Day, back in March, Mrs Varley launched a writing competition with the author Darren Shan. Mrs Varley organised for the first and second prizes to be the publication of the student’s work on two author’s blog posts and websites.

Well, it's taken a while (I am told the publishing and editorial wheels turn slowly), but the winning pieces are finally published and ready to be viewed.

Mrs Varley asked students to write about their favourite fictional character and to explain why they liked them. This was made a little harder by limiting the piece to one side of A4 (either handwritten or word processed).

There was a fantastic response to the competition and the judging was extremely tough due to the outstanding standard of work but the judges finally came to a decision:

In 3rd place - Cameron Tarpy, Yr 10. Cameron won a Kindle!

In 2nd place - Maryam Mahmood, Yr 7. Maryam’s work is now featured on Mrs Varley’s author blog, Serina Hartwell blog: 

This blog will also be featured on Serina Hartwell’s Author websites on Google+, Twitter, Facebook - Serina Hartwell Fan Page,, LinkedIn, as well as the author's main website -

In 1st place - Cameron Parker, Yr 7. Cameron’s work is now featured on author, Darren Shan's Facebook website:

AND as an added bonus, Darren Shan decided to publish it on his website under his news section in his monthly magazine too - Shanville Monthly - - check out his 'Favourite Character' section.

Due to the high standard of work submitted it was decided that two more students should be commended for their work. Awais Hussain in Yr 7 and Heather Reay in Yr 10 - well done for your fantastic entries!

Darren Shan and Mrs Varley (aka Serina Hartwell) would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who participated in the writing competition and said it was a pleasure reading about our student’s favourite literary characters saying “there was such a range of genres covered and it was great to see so much passion in the student’s writing”.

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