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Wear Yellow for World Mental Health Day

On Saturday (10th October) it is World Mental Health Day.

To raise awareness and show our support as a school, this Friday we are asking students and staff to wear something yellow (alongside their uniform).

Also throughout the day on Friday our teaching staff will be delivering a different aspect about Mental Health and Wellbeing at the beginning of each lesson.

Mr Padden said,

"Our students' mental health is always an important issue for us and we want to ensure that during the current climate, they know where to turn to in and out of school if they need help."

Mr Padden has already started visiting classes in Years 7-10 to deliver lessons on Wellbeing and explain what support we offer as a school.

Our Year 11s will be supported by Mr Padden and other members of our pastoral team with regular support throughout the year.

Click here to visit our 'Looking after Personal Well-Being and Mental Health' information >>

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