Bingley Grammar School

Transition Day!

Today we have welcomed our new Year 7 cohort into school to begin the settling in process before they join us in September.

Our staff have been looking forward to meeting their form groups and spending some time getting to know each other.

This morning the students had their first assembly and were guided to the main hall and their correct seats in their new form groups by our Student Directors.

Our Headteacher Mr Weston and Deputy Headteacher Mrs Dean welcomed the students to Bingley Grammar  - Mrs Dean set the students a challenge of speaking to, and making friends with, a student they don't know from another school so that everyone goes home today having at least one new friend (and hopefully more) ready to start in September.

Mr Foster, our Assistant Headteacher in charge of Key Stage 3 (Year 7 and 8) spoke with the students about our community and how they can get involved in shaping the school by becoming Student Directors. Mr Foster also spoke about our LORIC scheme and introduced the Year 6's to some of our current Year 7 who have gained LORIC badges in Resilience (for being a valued member of the school netball team) and Leadership (for helping a teacher lead a lesson).

Mrs Roberts also welcomed the students reassuring them that she and Mrs Faunch will always be available to help them with any problems they may have. Mrs Roberts also reminded the students about our uniform policy so that they bought the correct clothing when shopping over summer.

The new Yr 7s have enjoyed their lunch break in the school restaurant and will also be taking part in ICT and Science lessons throughout the day.

We hope all our new students have enjoyed today and look forward to welcoming you all back in September for another amazing year at Bingley Grammar School.

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