Bingley Grammar School

This Year's Shoebox Appeal

This week our Yr 13 Prefects will be visiting Form Groups to promote our annual shoe box appeal.

The team will be bringing with them a packed and wrapped sample shoebox and a list of what can and can't go into the boxes for students to read.
The team is aiming for around 150 boxes this year so are asking Form Groups to make up at least 2 or 3 boxes each. Individual students and/or groups of students are welcome to put a box together themselves but we appreciate how costly this can be.
The sixthformers will also be running a bake sale later this term to raise funds which will go towards the cost of shipping the shoeboxes around the world.
Our sixth form has supported the Samaritans Purse Appeal for several years now and we are always amazed by the level of support and the thoughtful gifts students give to a child they will never meet.
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Last year's Shoebox Appeal success.