Bingley Grammar School


Road Safety Riot Act for Yr 7

On Monday 10th December our Year 7s were entertained by the engaging ‘Riot Act’ theatre-in-education performance group.

The theatre group visited us to bring their unique take on road safety and awareness to the 300 strong audience of students and staff.  The performance was a mixture of light-hearted humour and seriousness about the dangers of playing around or near to a road. The short play addressed other issues including using phones whilst walking,  not paying attention when crossing and peer pressure.

The students all enjoyed the performance and engaged well with the serious content. At the end of the play one of the characters Jo was hit by a car and left severely injured and paralysed from the waist down. The whole audience immediately fell silent, the effect immediate.

After the performance the cast started a discussion with the Year 7s about who was to blame, and why the accident happened. The students answered questions enthusiastically agreeing that they all need to act responsibly near the roads.

The play encouraged our students to reflect on their own decisions and behaviours. The whole year group seem to have come away from the experience having thoroughly enjoyed the show, and we hope ther serious message, that each of us is responsible for our own safety when walking along a road and, more importantly, when we cross the road, has been taken to heart.

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