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The Great Get Together Presentation

This weekend marks the first anniversary of the death of Jo Cox. Jo’s family and friends didn’t want a sombre occasion so they plan to hold celebrations to unite communities across the country.

Mrs Cartledge has put together a presentation to be worked through in BGS time today within our form groups to let students know about the events happening around the country and why Jo Cox and her ideals are important. Hopefully her legacy will help communities come together and understand each other more.

Our students will be working in groups, creating mind maps and ideas around what our school could do to promote and celebrate multiculturalism as well as to tackle discrimination.

Students will then be filling in 'pledge cards' explaining what they as individuals are going to do differently and/or how they will change their behaviour as a result of this exercise. These cards will be displayed in their classrooms as a reminder of their pledges.

Jo Cox believed 'We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than that which divides us." As a multicultural school we believe that too and hope that we can all recognise Jo Cox's contribution to tackling discrimination and bringing people together.

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