Bingley Grammar School

The Captain Tom 100 Challenge

During the first lockdown Captain Tom inspired us all to get moving more and take part in our daily physical exercise.

Sir Captain Tom’s 101st birthday would have been this bank holiday weekend and we can join him again by taking on the CaptainTom100 Challenge.

The CaptainTom100 Challenge will run from Friday 30th April – Monday 3rd May and challenges schools and individuals to do 100 of any activity – this could be building 100 paper aeroplanes, 100 laps of the playground or completing 100-star jumps!

Today our students have been out walking during their PE time attempting to reach 100 miles collectively and they have done it! Mrs Bleaseby’s GCSE PE students have also been doing their own 100 Challenge by attempting 100 consecutive hits in their badminton lessons.

The Captian Tom 100 challenge contiinues over the bank holiday weekend so we are asking our students to attempt their own Captain Tom 100 Challenge at home.

Students can undertake 100 of any activity – so get your thinking cap on and do something for Sir Captain Tom.

If you complete the Challenge please send Mrs Brankin an email highlighting what you did to help spread Captain Tom’s message of hope and resilience.

Click here to watch the Captain Tom 100 Challenge video >>

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