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The Scholars Programme

Today 32 students from Years 7 and 8 have been on a launch trip to the University of Manchester to be introduced to the 'Scholars programme' run by the Brilliant Club.

The Scholars programme is an eight week programme that places university researchers (PhD tutors) into schools to teach university style tutorials to small groups in STEM, the Arts and Humanities. At the end of the programme students complete a final assignment.

Today's launch trip included:

  • a tour of the University campus
  • a study skills session
  • a chance to meet and question current students
  • their first tutorial with the PhD tutors

The Scholars Programme is designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills and ambition that support progression to highly selective universities and work in partnership with 17 of the countries most selective universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

Last year's cohort of 23 students excelled on the programme with 9 students receiving 1st class honours, four of which with distinctions, 8 students gained 2:1s and 6 of the group gained 2:2s. All our students said the programme was valuable experience:

“I learnt how to structure and write an essay. Also I became more confident on asking questions no matter how stupid they were. I now feel more confident in raising my hand in class. Which i didn’t before as I believed that my classmates would judge me. But now, I know that my questions don’t just help me, they help everyone, as there might be a shy person there that felt the same way I did.”

(Pupil on the STEM programme)

“It has always been my dream to go to Oxford University and now completing the Brilliant Club, makes me feel happier that I might have a better chance at getting accepted.”

(Pupil on the STEM programme) 

We look forward to hearing how this year's cohort got on when they return to school tomorrow.

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01 Last year's graduates 2015

02 Last year's graduates 2015

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