Bingley Grammar School

It's a Game Changer...

This term students in the Food and Nutrition department are acquiring advanced skills in preparation for the new GCSE.

Due to our links with the Taste of Game we were given the opportunity of receiving approximately 50 free pheasants for students to practice their deboning skills.

In order to achieve the highest grades, students are expected to demonstrate advanced skills in a 'MasterChef style' three hour examined session.

This donation to the school has been invaluable as it has enabled all of our KS4 students to prepare and cook a highly skilled dish using pheasant.

"I enjoyed learning different cutting techniques which will be useful in the future and I am proud of myself because I never thought I would de-bone a pheasant!" Shumi, Year 9.

"I have enjoyed working with a new type of food and learning complex skills. The end result was better than expected." Sophie, Year 9.

Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Wentling are very proud of all of the KS4 students who have shown resilience, maturity and skills beyond their years.

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